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Do you remember the times when one sat down with family and friends and played board games? We bring these times back to the future - with an App. ‘Museo Nights’ is a fully digital board game for your tablet. You can start the digital group of gamers with up to five thief opponents at the coffee table –completely without a thick rulebook and annoying arrangements of figures!

Your task: Wander through the museum at night and steal five different works of art without getting caught by the security guards or CCTV. And always watch your back, as the co-thieves set sneaky traps to snatch away your precious loot.


There can be only one master of thieves – and he certainly doesn’t know how to spell ‘mercy’.

Your gameplay – your settings

Prior to the first burglary the game needs some information from you: the names of all participants and the difficulty level you want to choose. To give grandpas as well their grandchildren who are gaming experts a chance to fully enjoy the game you can modify the difficulty level according to your individual needs.


Natural born thieves

Do I prefer the inscrutable slob or rather the agile circus acrobat? Each player chooses his or her favourite thief from six different characters. All of them enjoyed a solid basic training as scoundrels and are able to perform all important game actions. However, there are fine differences: The round baron has advantages in the theft of works of art, while the circus artist is more reliable in disguising herself.

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Thieves on a world journey

The game plans of ‘Museo Nights’ are based in footprint and design on real life museums. The game plan below, for example, copies the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Our MOMA version is designed for four players. For each number of players, there are several museums to choose from. The particular distribution of the works of art, guards, cameras and doors is different in each game, so thief veterans do not have an advantage.

All just snitched

To become the greatest thief of all and to end the game as the winner, you have to steal up to five works of art. The problem: You cannot simply steal any old hat! Your client only wants one piece of art from each art category. And another problem: The works are secured, of course. Therefore, you must master simple but challenging mini-games to get them. There is an individual mini-game for each art category.

Night vision cameras, guards and safety doors can lurk behind every bend. Of course, no world-class thief is so stupid to break into a museum unprepared. The guards were sent to the land of dreams through hypnosis, doors and cameras were deactivated by hacking the system. Now it is up to you to re-activate those security measures to make life difficult for your opponents. If a thief runs into the visual field of a camera or crosses the path of a guard, this costs him or her a work of art - which you can collect with a bit of luck. Sabotage pays off!

Mischievousness behind every corner

The name 'Thieves of Darkness' is no coincidence, because there is utter darkness in the museum. You can only see your immediate surroundings and you often don't know what's lurking behind the next corner. It is therefore advisable to keep an eye on the opponents and to remember every work of art and the traps that are lurking in their corner in the museum. In addition, each thief has a few fireflies with them, with which they can look around the corners and light up long corridors a little without any danger.

Quite dark here...

Everything the thieves do costs action points. Per round you have five of those available to you. Moving a field forward costs a point, activating a camera or stealing a work of art costs even three points. Therefore, think twice about what you want to do: Would you rather be away from the other thieves and collect the works of art as undisturbed as possible, or do you prefer the path of confrontation to snitch away the works of art per camera or guard from the others? Apropos rules: A fancy tutorial shows novices quickly what to do. In the game, a help button provides insight, in case you fell asleep during the tutorial.

Even thieves need rules


Our game has a small catch unfortunately: It doesn't exist yet. Currently we are busy with the development and final design of the game. If you are sad now, because you were already searching for the App Store-Link, then click instead on the Facebook thumb and show your support. We keep you posted through our blog and Facebook!

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